A Man with Many Hats

I've been working with computers for the last 23 years (well, 23.12 years to be exact). I have come to specialize in developing easily managed websites and product photography.

Already have a Website & just need an Overhaul?

I can optimize the underlying framework of your website to operate at peak efficiency. If you used a store-bought program or hired someone even a few years ago, your code might need to be updated to take advantage of newer technogies. Typically, I can find and provide a great margin of optimization in terms of website load times and general user experience. I take great care in producing the cleanest code possible.

I pride myself in producing clear, concise and reusable code. I also feel it is important to target the greatest common denominator - never sacrificing content in lieu of cutting edge technology. I have considerable experience working with search engine visibility and analytics, and am able to create complex, dynamic sites that are still palatable to search engines. All this equates to a smooth, streamlined visitor experience.

I prefer to use technology that is widely supported and has a proven track record of reliability and performance - a combination of open-source technologies - primarily PHP, MySQL & Javascript.

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